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Cloud computing allows you to access applications, servers (physical or virtual), data storage and tools for development. You can also access a remote data centre managed by a cloud service provider (or CSP). Subscribers can access these resources for a monthly charge or are billed according to their usage.

Infra as a Service (IaaS), platform as a Service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) are the three most common models of cloud services, and it is not uncommon for organizations to use all three.

Due to security concerns, organizations have traditionally been hesitant to consider cloud services, especially public cloud services. However, the security offered by cloud service providers has steadily outpaced the security offered by on-premises solutions in response to demand.

It is predicted that cloud services will expand rapidly soon. As organizations seek flexible and scalable data storage solutions, the possibility of a 100% switch to cloud services is high. They also need a platform capable of efficiently delivering mission-critical apps and data to their employees.


Manage Your SAP Workloads With Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is essential for companies seeking to digitally transform and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Perint helps businesses seamlessly integrate legacy systems to multi-cloud environments enabling them with the power to automate business processes across the enterprise cost-effectively. Our experts will assist you in designing the most efficient migration strategy for a repeatable, secure, and scalable path towards the cloud.

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Secured Cloud Migration Services For Businesses Across Industries

Migration from on-premises data centers to cloud storage platforms presents unique challenges.

Some of these difficulties are related to data security and privacy concerns, while others are due to changes in the availability and performance of their apps when they move to the cloud.

Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter when migrating data and applications to the cloud

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01Approach Perint for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Perint’s hybrid cloud approach can provide up to 2.5 times the value of the public cloud approach. Our cloud experts can help you determine the value that a hybrid cloud can bring to your business.

02Perint helps you in Application Migration

With Perint lift and shift your applications from an On-Prem to Cloud environment

03Reach out to Perint for Cloud-Native Models

Our application services are structured around various integrated horizontal capabilities, allowing us to offer a unified approach in developing the right solutions for business needs.