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Companies of the Oil and Gas industry (O&G) are on the top of the table when it comes to demand. These companies face fundamental challenges, which include competition from non-fossil fuels, resources, overhanging regulations, sustainable cost efficiency in oversupplied and undersupplied markets, and capital discipline.

The processes and systems involved in the exploration, production, refining, and trading of the oil and gas are highly complex, and capital-intensive.

Needless to say, O&G companies need to adapt to dynamic scenarios with the help of latest technological advancements to increase productivity while controlling costs. An immediate need for higher levels of collaboration and data-driven decision-making to optimize costs and maximize organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency.


Perint’s Data Visualisation Experts Assist You With Effective Business Decisions

Implement integrated technologies like big data, analytics, IoT, and AI to provide real-time visibility of supply and demand and improve the quality and safety of workers.

Understanding the unique oil and gas value chain, Perint provides solutions ranging from complex engineering to upstream and customer-centric business solutions in the retail and marketing segments. Our rich experience in areas and capabilities in digital transformation, IoT, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence helps unlock value for companies in their transformation journey.

Perint is a recognized name in the niche of business benefit outsourcing programs with the ability to deliver year after year dedicated productivity not only on IT SLAs and KPIs but also on the key indicators that drive oil and gas companies.

Asset Integrity Management
Enhance Procurement
Minimize Equipment Downtime
Worker Safety Solution

Perint Has The Answers For Companies In The Oil And Gas Industries

The oil and gas industry faces three main challenges today

Produce more energy at lower cost and emission
Heavy investments annually, makes it difficult particularly with the strong headwinds from rising capital costs.
The third challenge for oil and gas companies is to demonstrate persistent and differentiated cash flows. Historically, many companies have spent more money on growth than cash flow

01Keep your employees safe with Perint

We work to keep your employees safe by monitoring social distancing, density, no-zone, mask detection, temperature, and other important elements in real-time

02Help Minimize Device Downtime with Perint

Perint allows you to proactively manage the utilization and performance of your corporate resources with predictive solutions

03Contact Perint for Enhance Procurement

At Perint, we support real-time data in decision-making toto, maximize the use of the preferred vendor and eliminate additional activities that reduce the value