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The Retail & Ecommerce industry is changing rapidly especially when it comes to consumer behaviour. New technologies, customer expectations, and emerging digital solutions are creating widespread disruptions.

Retail & Ecommerce is at an important turning point, with a multitude of new products and markets as well as increasing sales and marketing channels like social, commerce, and mobile. Customers today want experiences. Abundant shopping carts that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging, and multiple forces are revolutionizing the landscape.

The explosion of connected data and devices, cloud-enabled software-defined infrastructure, as a service and experience, and digital platforms are driven by performance. For this reason, it is imperative for retailers to be agile in adopting technologies and optimizing business processes.


With Perint, you can stay on top of ever evolving consumer landscapes

Perint’s extensive retail expertise and vast experience help e-commerce and retail businesses win back customers, increase customer loyalty, eradicate price sensitivity, eliminate frictions, and boost customer satisfaction to a new level.

Our digital technologies, coupled with social data and market intelligence, enable us to deliver rich, contextual insights for consumers.

Retail Enterprise Collaboration
Portfolio Optimization
Vendor Audit and Compliance
Food Safety and Traceability
Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

Identify Unique Business Opportunities With Data Visualization

In the context of retail and Ecommerce industries, the main types of useful data will be things like sales volumes, customer footfall, profit margins, stock levels, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and so on.

The variety of data sources adds to the complexity, as different methods need to be used to collect it.

Keeping up with the competition in the fast-paced world of retail – both physical and online – requires proper investment into big data technology and expertise. When collecting data, it’s important to ensure you target the right types of information and use the optimal methods to collect it. Bad quality data leads to inaccurate conclusions, so it can actually be more of a hindrance than a benefit.

Here are few challenges that these industries are facing

Managing the Supply Chains
Cyber & Data Security
Customer Experience
Competition & Competitor Analysis

01We are able to give truly independent advice

With Perint, you can use big data and artificial intelligence to deliver omni channel marketing messages and offer uninterrupted services to your customer base and increase profitability.

02 Perint Helps In Reviving The Consumer Experience At A Store

Perint offers hybrid cloud services to help you improve shopping experience and meet the expectations of the new age consumer.

03Perint helps reinvent the supply chain

Perint enables you to mitigate supply chain issues so that you can meet your customer demands effectively.