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High-tech industries at the forefront of technology are reshaping their business network model, based on the Internet of Things, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile Devices, and Social Networks (iCAMS).

Business integration is common in the highly competitive global market, and companies position themselves as digital companies and platform companies. As we move to services, we see a focus on IT transformation, cloud adoption, innovation, smart devices, and logistics optimization.

To continuously improve your user experience, you need to encourage agile product development, more frequent product submissions, and smarter user interfaces. Original equipment manufacturers face pressure from customer service in terms of warranty, returns, and repairs.

As we all know, the global high tech market is both dynamic and seasonal. Complex supplier relationships require the procurement of components from multiple suppliers that may be out of stock or regulated by the industry. Need to be notified in advance of life cycle events, product customization, and third-party integration.

The integrated trade network and marketing system include channel partners, distributors, VARs, and alliances with windows eventually. The amount of customer and product data (if any) that can provide consumer electronics manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers with a competitive advantage.


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01Optimized supply chain through Perint

We are working hard to provide system improvements to increase the transparency, insight, and information of the electronics industry supply chain.

02Perint helps create a smart company.

With Perint, you can more effectively increase the productivity of high-tech manufacturing and improve product quality.

03Perint is available to help you innovate with agility.

As Perint, we manage a significant number of requirements in a way that is traceable and interoperable to accelerate your product life cycle.