Today’s rapid digital revolution requires Industrial Manufacturers to adapt and develop leading-edge “operation/supplier collaboration” ecosystems. This includes developing smart products, rolling out platforms for increased manufacturer/supplier cooperation, reducing manufacturing costs, and increasing service capability.

We also need to explore new opportunities for incremental revenue growth because of the ever-evolving complexities in customers’ behaviour and competitive pressure. Traditional customer interaction only takes place at the point of sale and service but now we need to provide a complete consistent customer experience.


Providing solutions with cutting-edge technologies

Manufacturers are rethinking competitive advantage for the post-pandemic landscape, leveraging AI, hybrid cloud, and machine learning to build agility, automation, and intelligence across multiple functional areas

We deliver services and solutions to address specific needs of the manufacturing companies to achieve enhanced customer experience.

Along with streamlining multiple business processes with the latest technologies, Perint helps companies drive customer success by implementing solutions like

IoT (Internet of Things)
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Hybrid or Multi Cloud Solutions
Enterprise Application Services

Perint Holds Keys To Several Challenges Of The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers today cannot afford to ignore the challenges they face, given the fierce competition and rapidly increasing market demand.

Experts say that industrial equipment manufacturers face several key challenges. These include a lack of visibility into their profitability, a lack of insight into the supply chain and the inability to work together productively with other stakeholders. While many industrial equipment manufacturers have found solutions to these problems by installing ERP systems to manage their business, this may not be the best way to solve them all.

Companies in the manufacturing sector are also facing the challenge of planning new strategies and investing in technology to increase their authority as digitization and innovation become more prevalent.

01We are able to give truly independent advice

At Perint, we help connect processes, systems, and products with high-quality artificial intelligence information from real-time data from IoT Edge.

02Financial advice based on your goals

We’ll help you predict and respond to disruptions with AI insights. Use blockchain to build trust and transparency.

03We’re here to help during market volatility

We are committed to simplifying operations management and quickly implementing ready-made industrial solutions.